The electrostatic product consists of:

  • A plasticized PVC calendered film of various thickness
  • A siliconed paper (gloss-kote) of different weights, depending on the kind of printing and its use.

The film is available in different finishes:

  • Clear Gloss
  • Clear Matt
  • Gloss White
  • White Matt

Product characteristics

  • The product is glue-free
  • It is printable:
    • Flat printing: Screen printing, UV Offset
    • lnk-jet Printing, Solvent and Ecosolvent
    • Flexographic Printing
  • The film adheres to glass-like surfaces (smooth glasses, painted plates, etc.) due to electrostatic effect.
  • It is easy to position
  • Once in place it is highly steady and not warped by heat, cold or light
  • It can be reused (when peeled off the surface and repositioned on its original support) 
  • It can be entirely removed without leaving any trace


The product should be kept in a dry and cool place (if possible 20°C and 55yo of relative humidity).

It also should be protected from sun exposure and high temperatures (as for any product containing plasticizers, excessive heat can cause a migration of the plasticizer and consequently reduce the film printability.)

This problem does not arise after printing the material.


The target surface should be carefully cleaned.

The positioning gives its best results when the target surface is slightly moistened prior to placement and the product applied with a spatula, thus preventing bubbles and improving the outcome.

Fields of application

The range of applications is really huge. below the most frequent:


Since it is easy to position and to remove, the film is often used in short duration advertising campaigns. Common areas of use are:

  • Food & beverage - advertising campaigns in cafes, restaurants, etc.
  • Insurances/Financial Companies - for street marketing (positioning on cars windscreens and motorbikes tanks).
  • Cinemas - Posters and movie plannings.
  • Banks – Products or new products launching through positioning on showcases, counters, etc.
  • Electronic GDO of consumption - descriptions of products, commercial offers on showcases, as well as on product (es. on the sides of the products of the White goods, washers portholes, oven glasses. etc.)
  • Shops - promotional sales, bargain sales, etc.
  • Cars/Dealerships - information directly positioned on glasses, communications in showcase, new products launching.


The film has a double function – protection and description - for flat, exposed-to-scratch  surfaces. For example:

  • lenses of glasses
  • visors of helmets
  • screens of mobiles
  • products White (washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, etc.). 


The film is widely used by companies operating in interior decoration. You can find developed on electrostatic film creative examples in DIY stores, as well as in supermarkets, in paint and hardware stores.

  • Pictures for children's bedrooms (for glass, mirrors. etc.)
  • Pictures for festive occasions (Christmas, New Years, Birthdays, etc.).
  • Decorative and privacy protection films for houses, offices and public spaces windows.


The film is used to develop toys such as booklets containing pre-cut pictures to be set in various scenarios. Children enjoy moving the characters in order to get new plots.

NOTE: ln the above mentioned use, the film must be Phthalate free, being phthalates substances not permitted in early childhood toys.