Electrostatic PP Film

PolyStat is a 50 micron coated PP film with an electrostatic charge developed by ADEX for use in the promotional market.
The base is a white or transparent 50 my polypropylene film (PP) coated to enable it to be printed in offset UV, screen or with UV Digital Inks and comes with a 200 my liner.
PP is considered to be a non-toxic waste product at its’ life end and with the correct equipment, in line with local regulations it can be recycled.
PolyStat is compliant to EU 10/2011, USFDA, REACH and RoHS.


  • POP: indoor publicity for use on windows and other smooth surfaces such as doors and walls
  • Commercial: the film can be used, unlike many cling materials, also on slightly rounded smooth surfaces such as pillars
  • Industrial: the film can be used to protect smooth surfaces such as glass during phases of the production or storage process

KEY Properties and Features

PolyStat has an array of features:

  • Coated and so is printable over a much longer period than normal PP
  • Printable with UV offset inks
  • Dimensionally highly stable as it is an extruded product
  • No skrinkage
  • Highly tear resistant
  • Resistant to moisture
  • Recyclable
  • Anti-static

Due to the combination of the extrusion production process and to the highly innovative one side coating, its stability and ink receptiveness makes for easy printing with UV Offset, Screen as well as UV Digital.


PolyStat is available in sheets.
The basic sheet size is 70 x 100 but can be adjusted according to customer needs.

For a full list of formats and prices ask for the latest price list from ADEX customer service, info@adexsrl.it

Recommendations for best results

Printing – for use in offset printers it will be necessary to direct flows of air onto the sheets to provide better feeding to the printer.