Transparent and White Polymeric PVC with liner

ADEX PVC Cling is a plasticized polymeric pvc film available in 150, 200, 300 and 400 microns with a glossy coated release liner developed by ADEX for use in the commercial printing of publicity signage and for protective use in the solar panel and similar industries.

The base film is a plasticized PVC which does not contain phthalates and which provides a physical adhesion to smooth and clean surfaces such as glass and plastics without the need for glues or adhesive. It can be easily applied and removed from surfaces by non-professional users and so is perfect for retail areas.

PVC is can be recycled with the correct equipment and in line with local regulations which may vary significantly from territory to territory.

The film is produced according to the European guidelines 1999/781 / EC, 2004 / 781EC and REACH (ECHA) updated to 27 June 2018. Use is approved in children's games.   The liner is an FSC product manufactured by certified paper producers.


  • POP: internal window displays and posters
  • Commercial: stickers for Christmas displays and as sticker giveaways in children book or game collections
  • Industrial: Solar Panel protection pre-installation. Glass cooker and oven covers protection pre-installation. Cutting machinery surface protectors during transport and pre-installation.

KEY Properties and Features

ADEX PVC Cling has a surprising array of features.

  • Available in sheets and rolls
  • Printable directly with Offset UV, Screen, Flexographic, UV Digital, Latex digital and solvent inks
  • Can be positioned to glass both on the printed and non-printed side
  • Can be reverse printed, so that transparent film can be applied non print side and viewed from outside
  • Dimensionally stable on liner
  • Undisturbed the film will cling for months and even years to clean surfaces
  • Resistant to air moisture after application
  • Can be die punched and cut to size after printing
  • Non residue after removal


The high surface tension of PVC cling gives a maximum 7-8 month print life for offset inks if stocked correctly. Screen and digital ink processes may allow printing for even longer periods. Once printed and applied the film will cling for many months and even years if left undisturbed.


ADEX PVC Cling is available in rolls and sheets.

The basic sheet size is 70 x 100 and maximum size is generally 100 x 140 cm.  For rolls the running length can be 25, 50, 100, 250 up to jumbo rolls of 1000 running meters in widths from 100 cm to 140 cm. All sizes can be adjusted according to customer needs.

For a full list of formats and prices ask for the latest price list from ADEX customer service,

Recommendations for best results

Storage: the material must be stored in environments with a temperature of approx. 20°C and 55% relative humidity. It's advisable not to stock for more than 9 months.

Usage: temperature 20°C

Storage at 15 - 20° gives a printability period of 9 months. Higher temperatures, (especially over 25°C), cause the film to lose prematurely its ability to be printed.